The rules of the competition


Ø      Participants



Six artists will be selected to participate in the International Biennal of Wood-carving of Condrieu.

The theme is free. Each sculptor must send his(her)candidature-by mail only-before  February 27th 2010; it is free.


Ø       A CV (Curriculum Vitae) with his (her) 3 mains sculptures dated (for the leaflet)

Ø       A model of his(her) sculpture

Ø       A marked drawing, describing his (her)achieved work

Ø       A simple outline showing what he(she) intends to realize

Ø       A paper form giving details about his (her) work



Any sculptor who has sent his plans and has been selected must feel engaged in the competition.

The selected people will be first advised by phone and afterwards by mail.



They must confirm their participation, before March 15th  2010 by fax : 00 33. (0)


                                                           Address for mail:


                                      COMITE INTERNATIONALE DE SCULPTURE SUR BOIS

                                      HOTEL DE VILLE

                                      69 420 CONDRIEU


                                      Fax: 00 33 (0)


NB : The participants must have reached their majority,they must have subscribe a personnal insurance includung civil responsibilities and insuring their own material. The organizers are not responsible of corporal damages,robberies,material spoliations , all along the week.



Ø      Organisation of the competition


Only competitors whose models are received before February 27th 2010 will be selected.  Every sculptor 'll work by himself (herself). The jury 'll select six works on March 6th  2010.


The sculptors will be welcome on Saturday April 24rd from 3 p.m at the Town Hall. Wood-carvering will start on Sunday April 25th at 9 a.m and will be end on April 30th in the evening.

The prizes will be given on Saturday May 1st 2010.


At the end of the Biennal, the organizers will keep the sculptors.


Two prizes will be given:

-Prix du Jury(a diploma)

-Prix du Public (a diploma)


The prizes are awarded by a jury composed of artists, the Mayors of Condrieu and Terricciola, some members of the Biennal Commission, and some Art critics. The public and the children can vote. For that, a ballot-box will be settled in the Center of the town to make the visitors feel like voting.


The first prize-winner will be selected for the Biennal in Italy (Terriciola) the next year.




Ø      Plant and Material


The organizers ‘ll provide the competitors with a poplar-trunk, about 2,50 meters long and 50 centimeters of diameter. Any other material is brought by the competitor himself(herself).

The competitors must bring their own tools. They will work in different parts of the town, in the open air or under a tent provided by the organizers who can’t be responsible, in any case,of corporal damages, robberies, or spoliations and degradations of all sorts, all along the week.



Ø      Housing and Food


 The organizers are in charge of the accommodations at " Parc résidentiel de loisirs", including individual rooms and full meals. Of course, personal expenses won't be taken in charge.



Ø      Benefits


Every sculptor will get 800 €.


If you need any informations about the artistic part of the competition, please contact Michel Rémy BEZ : 00 33 (0) //

If you need any informations about the organisational part of the competition, please contact the Condrieu’ Town hall : 00 33 (0)  //




                                                            COMITE  BIENNALE INTERNATIONALE DE SCULPTURE SUR BOIS

                                                                       HOTEL DE VILLE

                                                                               69 420 CONDRIEU


                                                                               FAX : 00 33 (0)